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    Fan Expo is now over and it's very bittersweet. On the one hand its so nice to be able to sleep more than four or five hours a night, and on the other, it will be missed. Much fun was had at this year at Fan Expo, thank you to all that were able to come out and visit us at the Cakes Cove booth for our big launch. My favourite part of the convention has to be everyone's costumes. You all work so hard on them, and look so amazing. The second best part was when the Nathan Fillion cake that we designed was signed by the man himself, he was quite pleased that the Vigilante from Justice League had his own special pannel.

    Along with a few other celebrity appearances, both at the booth, and otherwise, Cakes Cove helped out Tommy Tallarico hand out some Video Games Live Kickstarter flyers, and....well... watch Cakes Cove's Fan Expo video for more of the amazing highlights and costumes from our Fan Expo experience.


    Congratulations to Keri who won our fan Expo exclusive calendar draw. She is going to have a lot of delicious cookies, chocolates and a special surprise in her big basket of geeky confections. If you didn't get a chance to grab one of Cakes Cove's calendars, don't worry - you can enjoy a portfolio of picturesque pageantry from October 2013 - December 2014 by ordering one from the website. The ability to work alongside the amazing talents at Persephonie Production Photography, in addition to the love of playing dress up, and creating geek inspired sweets, presented the perfect opportunity to create this calendar.

    Speaking of ordering, our online ordering system has been launched, it's still in the early stages so forgive our sugar dust but everything online can be ordered. If you would like to place an order please e-mail To be kept up to date with our webshop updates register for our Newsletter.


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