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    Thank you to all that donated and were a part of such a successful Desert Bus for Hope run this year. TheLoading Ready Run crew raised over $520,000 for Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity! And a special thank you to the Loading Ready Run crew, and all their volunteers who made this possible. It's Cakes Cove's first year sponsoring, but you can bet we will be doing it again in the following years to come.

    For those that missed it, or would like to watch the final moments again - the video below is the final givaway, the infamous Mystery Box! The Desert Bus for Hope YouTube channel has many more videos up in addition to this one, so don't forget to check that out too!

    Now that Desert Bus is over I'll need to re-boot my internal hardware back to "normal person mode" and away from "staying up for as many consecutive hours as possible before getting as little sleep as possible to reduce the time of Desert Bus missed mode." 

    A few other amazing things happened this week, as apparently the world doesn't stop when Desert Bus starts. One of them being the wonderful interview that was published on Paper Droids, written by the lovely Tina Jin. If you haven't had a chance to read it, it's pretty amazing. Thank you Tina for loving Cakes Cove so much! 

    Cakes Cove has also been asked back to the upcomingTABScon, on Saturday December 7th, from 9am - 9pm at 9 Dawes rd. This quarterly event is the perfect way to test out new games, and to meet new gaming groups. It's also a fantastic opportunity to save on shipping, and cross off the gamers on your Christmas lists as both Cakes Cove and Meeple Mart will have vendor booths. What better gift then a Han Solo chocolate bar, and Star Wars card game? Tabs will also be running Netrunner, and Dominion tournaments - start building those decks to win a themed Cakes Cove gift basket. See you there!


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