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  • Veronica Mars

    A year ago a friend of mine told me to watch a TV series called Veronica Mars. I procrastinated, thinking I really didn't want to be reminded of high school. But after months of nagging, and it coming up in conversations with unrelated people - I caved in, and LOVED it. There were three seasons made before the show was unfortunately canceled. But thanks to Kickstarter, and we, the amazing fans - there is a movie coming out, March 14th of this year, and I can't be more excited. During the kickstarter Kristen Bell repeatedly referred to the fans as her marshmallows.... leaving me no other option then to create Mars Investigation marshmallows for the exciting movie release.

    All of the creations Cakes Cove shares with you are ideas for when you want to place custom orders, but, after an overwhelming demand for the Veronica Mars Marshmallows I have made them available in the shop as the first of many featured items- but only until the movie release on March 14th. After that they will be custom order only, so get yours now.

    For those that aren't in the know - there is a 2014 Movie Brawl happening - Go vote for your favourites. Hopefully we can get Veronica Mars to win!
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