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  • Happy Pi Day!

    March 14th, a day celebrated by those with a fondness for math, and all its wonder. Though admittedly not a strong suit of my own, without math we wouldn't have so very many things that I couldn't part with, like measuring cups, and giant robots. So lets celebrate with a special Pi Day video where I get to team up with Space Janitors once again, and Brian the fish.

    This video was a lot of fun to make, though I was pretty nervous in front of the video camera. Growing up with Sesame Street, The Muppets, and other works by Jim Henson it was an honor to be able to film with Brian the fish. And, in case you are wondering - I know pie to the 8th point... 3.14159267, and you can ask me whenever you see me, hopefully I won't forget.

    Be adventurous when creating your Pi Day cakes, play around with different flavours, here are the ones we came up with, leave a comment in the comments section of youtube with your flavour choices!
    Caramel Apple -
    Cakes Cove's Vanilla cake, engulfing a savory apple pie combined with vanilla buttercream and a layer of delicious chewy caramel.

    Cherry Chocolate - 
    Tart cherry pie and creamy chocolate ganache, layered between Cakes Cove's rich chocolate cake. 

    Pumpkin -
    Seasonal pumpkin, cinnamon and other autumn spices mixed into a flaky pie crust pairs well with the light cream cheese buttercream and Cakes Cove's vanilla cake.

    Happy Pie day everyone, don't forget to watch out for Space Janitors Season III on Geek & Sundry.

    Cakes Cove
    Making every genre delicious

    Costume by Kelly Francis Costumes Inc.

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