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  • Fan Expo 2014!

    Only three days until the doors open on Thursday, officially launching Fan Expo 2014. The demo cakes are packed, costumes are made from chocolate, (Wait.. what? Could that be a fantastic hint of something totally amazing? I think yes!), Fan Expo exclusive chocolates are in creation, and cookies are in the oven, smelling delicious as always.
    Tickets are on sale online, and at the box office of the Metro Toronto Convention Center. This being the 20th anniversary of Fan Expo there are some pretty spectacular guests, and events lined up for us, as well as more space then ever with both the north, and south buildings being filled with Fan Expo delights. I've got a feeling this is going to be one to remember!
    Cakes Cove is in the north building again this year, at booth 5028, be sure to come by, check out the new display cakes, find out more about this chocolate costume, and pick up something sweet. I can't wait to see you!
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