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  • Pride Toronto!

    This is Cakes Cove's first year being open for Pride Toronto, and I have to say, I'm loving every minute of it. Pride week began this past Friday June 19th, and of course I just had to create some rainbow cupcakes to celebrate the occasion, and show Cakes Cove's support of equal amazing love for everyone and anyone. Especially with everything going on with wedding cake shops in Indiana USA, I felt the need to be extra loud about how love doesn't discriminate, and nor should we.

    The cupcakes are flying out of the bakery case, but that isn't what makes me so happy - It's the customers. Everyone that has come in this past weekend, have been so loving and accepting. They get excited about the rainbow cupcakes and what they represent. I've had so many wonderful conversations with such a wide variety of people that it really makes you glow.

    The A-frame sign I have sitting outside the shop has a drawing of a rainbow cupcake, with the word PRIDE in a sketched banner. On Saturday one unfortunate soul decided they didn't like the sign and opted to kick it over. This resulted in several people coming over to pick the sign back up, and talk to the person who kicked it. Everything was resolved quietly, quickly, and with dignity, all before I could even walk around the counter and get outside. The guy even apologized before walking away. Together we really can make a difference. Now, obviously, abusing an A-frame is a lot different from abusing a person, but I'm hopeful that change for the better is taking place, and people are sticking up for people, as much as they do a sketch of a rainbow cupcake.

    Enjoy all the events #PrideToronto is hosting this week, and be sure to attend the parade on Sunday June 28th. If you would like to order some of the rainbow cupcakes please e-mail so I can be sure to set them aside for you.

    ~Lets Get Better Together.

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