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  • I met Felicia Day & it was weird.

    To be fair, it was also awesome.

    She is on tour this month for her new book You're Never Weird on the Internet (almost) and last night was her only Canadian stop. So, naturally, I got in touch with my friends over at Geek & Sundry to see how we could make the event a little sweeter. Originally Felicia was going to pop by the shop for a visit, & I was going to hook up the first 150 book geeks up with themed cookies but due to flights/schedules and all those other fun aspects of life those plans feel through.  So instead I just packed a few cookies, chocolates, and of course a cupcake and went to get my book signed.

    Due to you know... it being wedding season and my penchant for never leaving the kitchen, I didn't arrive at the Eatons Center Indigo until 6pm, so there was already a pretty hefty amount of fans waiting to get their books signed - some arrived as early as 9am! I could never do that, I would die of chocolate withdrawal. I snagged my books, paid, received my line up number, and went to find a secluded piece of floor to call my own until they called it, and dove straight into her book.

    It's pretty funny.

    In it she talks about who she is, how she got there, and games - a lot of games. Every so often she would stop to apologize, or explain a geeky term, sentence, thought - whatever the case was, and Every. Single. Time. I would pause and think "why did you have to explain that... ooohhh... right, this is not the normal way of thinking... but it should be." She even talks about her early addictions to games like Puzzle Pirates... I loved Puzzle Pirates... that.. and the Neo Pets website. (In my defense I am younger, and one of my Neo Pets drank magical water from a tree and turned into the cutest little Mutant pet I ever saw. He was the main reason I would go back even well into my late.... (late) teens.) Reading her book is like sitting in pj's chatting with your best friend, and because I was in line #20, I had a long time to read and "get to know her". (Seriously, I read more then half the book.)

    So this should have made it easier when meeting her for the first time right? Right?? Wrong. Instead I had that experience that happens when you are reading a good book for a really, really long time, under bright florescent lighting, where your mind just retreats. (I also should mention here that I was tired - there are so many cupcakes on order for this weekend and the green... so much green..) Anyways... I was so far into my inverted self who just wanted to keep reading I forgot any social graces and was even slightly annoyed it was my turn and "couldn't I just finish this chapter first?" 

    So instead of being the smooth talker Fan Expo and other conventions have been teaching me how to be, I fumbled. She is also a fairly awkward person, and also fumbled from my fumble.

    There was a lot of fumbling going around.

    At the beginning she reached for the bag of sweets, and to give me a hug at the same time, and neither of us knew what was happening. Part of me wants to never think about the awkwardness again, and another part of me wants to high-five her for having a classic "geek" moment.

    Regardless, she loved the cookies, and chocolates, but mostly *loved* the cupcake. It was my first cupcake with a mini book on it, and now I am fighting the urge to make an army of book cupcakes.

    The Indigo ladies were kind enough to get the required fast moving snap shots of everyone's experience. I used Felicia's earlier tips on how to "Avoid Derp Face". Hopefully it paid off...



    So it may have been a little weird when I met Felicia Day, but it was also awesome, and it wasn't on the internet, so I probably should have expected nothing less, and she did say almost anyways....

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    Making every genre delicious.

    I also *finally* had a chance to leave my kitchen long enough to hit a bookstore to pick up Sam Maggs Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy. Needless to say I'll be reading these two back to back.

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