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  • 2015 Emmy Awards

    I feel like I'm playing more of a role walking down the red carpet as myself, then a normal woman covered in sweat. ~Kate Winslet.

    Well folks, I have, as they say... made it! Those are my uncomfortable but fashionable feet on the red carpet! But now that I'm home again, I look forward to diving back into my vats of melted chocolate, cake batter, and buttercreams tomorrow. With a few special weddings to get ready for... But until then, let me write a bit about my experience!

    Picking up from where Rick left off in his previous blog post, I was able to complete the two chocolate sculptures, and he was... in case you were wondering, able to find a great cup of cappuccino.

    The showpieces I created were more traditional then my usual style, but with so many different themes I wanted to represent, I instead went for an EMMY theme, with high fashion, and frames. I did however add a bit of my own flare with a chocolate skull. I was sharing a space with Jessy Tyler Ferguson's Tie The Knot, (a great company advocating a more stylish and equal world with marriage equality.) I gave him a bow tie... because marriage equality and bow ties are cool. Soon you'll be able to find the chocolate shoes, and skulls for Halloween in the shop so everyone can have a taste of the EMMYS!

    In addition to the showpieces I also created a truffle bar for the guests to enjoy at the table, and a chocolate bark buffet (these flavours) to customize their own take away bags, complete with Cakes Cove cookie. I created two new chocolate barks for this that went over so well I'll be adding them to the line up! Salted Caramel Bark, and Spicy Cashew Bark.

    I met a lot of great people over the weekend during the EMMYS rehearsal on Saturday, and backstage at the EMMYS on Sunday. With a lot of great things to say about the chocolates they tried, and the cakes they saw on the photo slide show. At the risk of sounding too comercial-esque... here are a few of my favourites...

    On the subject of creating chocolate and having a shop -
    "I dreamed of doing this once, upstate. You're doing it. You're living my dream." ~ Adrian Brody

    "I'm a chocolate fan, I could smell this from outside!" ~Jane Lynch

    "How can I get these? I want to treat all my co-workers. Delicious." ~Marcia Gay Harden

    "This is art. We need to get this for the show. We've got to tell Brad about it." ~Denise O'hare

    "What is this? Dragees, I love the word. Mmm, Yum, now I love the chocolate. Well done young lady." ~ Mel Brooks

    "This is Delicious, the Smoked Whiskey and the salted caramel, those are mine." ~Viola Davis


    "Girl, you're a  salted caramel mastermind." ~Queen Latifah

    And there were so many more fantastic interactions, Anthony Anderson loved the Pumpkin Spice, and yelled across the room for more Hazelnut, Mayim Bialik loved the Millennium Falcon cake, and her guest was sporting these amazing Millennium Falcon cuff links, and Allison Janney was still so shocked and humbled about winning an Emmy that you would think it was her first. She celebrated with chocolate... lots of chocolate. I had the best time, and even made a few new friends. (You should check out MYLA'COR Martinis, there may even be a delicious collaboration in the future!) I wish I could have just worn a GoPro for the two days there is so much I want to write in one blog post, and I'm sure I would still miss some great things that happened. Either way, it was an event to remember.



    I did get one last minute to enjoy California outside of the EMMYS, and the prep kitchen Saturday morning. We woke up at 5am and headed to the Santa Monica Pier to watch the sunrise, and dip our toes (or in my case...entire body... holly big waves!!) into the ocean. It was the perfect taste of California before heading off to the EMMYS, then home.

    There are many different media sources that are currently hosting contests/giveaways to win a large selection from what the stars enjoyed. I've compiled a list for you guys should you want to enter any or all of them. Good luck!

    Back to wedding cakes, and chocolates this week for me, until something wicked unveils itself at the shop on September 30th.

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    • Wendy B says...

      I am squealing inwardly and living vicariously through these pictures. This is so amazing!! Such great work and you look like a million bucks!

      On September 23, 2015

    • Joan Micallef says...

      Congratulation’s on your trip to the Emmy’s. Your table set up was a masterpiece, very like all of the chocolates displayed on it. I am very sure this is not going to be the last time you will have interaction with the Stars. Once again, congratulations on a job well done.

      On September 23, 2015

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