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  • Cakes Cove's 2nd Anniversary weekend!

    It's the 2nd anniversary of Cakes Cove and we are celebrating all weekend! Of course you can't have a birthday celebration without cake... we will be giving away free cake slices!!!

    Saturday 10am-5pm Come on in and celebrate with us! Free cake!!
    For those that love being in the spot light we will have a section of the shop set aside for you to tell the camera exactly what you think of Cakes Cove!

    Sunday 1pm- 4pm -Kevin Buchan, Nicholas Brodie and Chris Kerba from Eclectic Revival are coming to celebrate by performing their acoustic set! (we will be open 11am-4pm)

    It's the perfect time to come in and see all our Valentine chocolates too, including the new line of geeky chocolate shoes and of course anatomical hearts!

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