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    Calling all artists!

    Cakes Cove is having a contest for one of you to get the chance to make the opening for our new YouTube series, Making every genre delicious! We want to see what you can do! The opening can be animated, live action, stop-motion – whatever you want to create. To enter send in your completed version, storyboards, or rough video by 4pm Thursday November 16th. Our three favourite entries will be posted on our social media and voted on for the final winner.

    The winner will receive $150 cash plus they will get to work with the designer for a custom cake worth $500 for the date* of their choice as well as credit on each video the opening is used.
    3 to 15 seconds in length
    Must have the title shown at some point “Making every genre delicious”
    No trademarked logos (except ours if you want to use it)
    No trademarked soundtrack to it.
    Celebrate Cakes Cove, and being a geek. No trolling, bashing, or hate speech please. Let’s keep things fun!
    All entries due by 4pmThursday November 16th
    Voting will take place Friday November 17th through Sunday November 19th at midnight.
    If your entry isn’t in its final version you must be available to complete the finalized project from Nov 20th – Nov 28th. First episode is aired Thursday November 30th!
    Winnings will be awarded on November 30th
    You may have multiple ideas, and that’s great but please limit it to three entries per person.

    A bit about the series-
    It will be called “Making every genre delicious”. Our award-winning geeky designer Sam Lapointe will be showing how to create differently themed desserts and ways to geek up a party. There will also be cosplayed episodes and episodes with guests, but most of all it will be a delicious celebration of all things geeky.

    All submissions to be e-mailed to

    If you have ANY questions (like what chocolate shapes we have, what cakes we can do, etc – anything that will help your vision), want to know more about the project, or need the Cakes Cove logo please e-mail us! We look forward to seeing your submissions!

    *Custom cake date subject to regular availability. Book early!
    **All entries are subject to the approval of Cakes Cove, and as this is for the creation of something so important to us the contest requires a minimum of 15 entries to test everyone’s creativity and give us all something to judge and options for the new series, so be sure to spread the word!
    ***All entries will be the property of Cakes Cove, they can be used by applicant for student projects for marking purposes, and portfolio pices, but they can not be sold, given or traded to a third party for any reason. (as this is about our shop, uses our ideas and logos I'm sure you understand!)

    Good luck and may the fork be with you!

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