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  • Harley Quinn Makes A Mess In The Kitchen!

    Hi-ya Puddin's! I am super excited to share my Harley Quinn photoshoot with you! Everything has been so busy with the shop I don't get to cosplay much anymore except at conventions so this was a real treat for me!

    The cakes and cupcakes in this shoot are vanilla with vanilla bean buttercream - I figured we would go with a classic this time around to contrast against Harley's personality. (You can see our other flavours HERE and new Signature Cakes Here!)

    Thank you to my lovely photographer Arron Ally for making this shoot so much fun!

    Seriously, I can't express how much fun this shoot was. I've created a lot of cakes, and I've eaten a lot of cake.... but I've never SMASHED a cake before!!!

    Let me know what you guys think! And if you have cosplay photos of you guys enjoying the Cakes Cove treats (maybe from Fan Expo or Comi Con?) I want to see them!! Post them to the Cc Facebook Page, Tweet them to me, or tag us on Instagram!!! (@cakescove)

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