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  • Martha Stewart Glitter Star Tutorial

    3D glitter star tutorial we are using for the wedding. You can use these for any theme, event, or even tree decorations. The original tutorial can be found HERE but I've also added it below with my own tweak for you guys!

    Print out the handy template from the Martha Stewart website HERE in the assorted sizes you want your stars to be. I printed them out on card stock and cut them out directly from that so I could save time from tracing them all. If you want really large stars print them out either using multiple pages from your printer, or get them printed at staples or kinkos, then trace those out onto foamcore for added structure!
    Once you have all your stars traced, or printed out you'll have to cut along each line. Don't get the different sizes confused! Keep all four pieces for one star in its own pile. (or cut them out and assemble them one at a time)
  • From there, instead of brushing each star with craft glue, I purchased a spray on glue that comes in a can. This made the process a LOT faster. Just make sure you have a well ventilated area and have laid newspapers down so you don't get it everywhere.

  • Before the glue dries, dip each star in the glitter colour of your choice! (Beware.. glitter is the herpes of the craft world. It will go everywhere!!)

  • You can stop at this point and enjoy your glitter stars, but for extra stability and to avoid the stars loosing glitter I sprayed them with another coat of the clear glue and let dry once more before punching a hole in each one for hanging!

    These are the stars my wonderful Mother-In-Law has created so far. We chose to go with black, silver, gold and copper glitter for our galaxy backdrop. There will also be some much larger ones using foam core in the final display!

    I really do have to recommend though that you do the second coat of glue to seal the glitter in. I have a wonderful documented spiral from Cindy that started with how much she loved the colours of glitter, into a rapid decline of "I hate glitter." and my favourite "There's glitter between my toes."

    Thank you Cindy, so much for helping us create this, and to everyone else... enjoy being sparkly and your wonderful stars!!!

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