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  • Star Wars Wedding Update!

    42. The answer to life, the universe and everything. Also the number of days until I get married!!! On the same line as a Galaxy, I'm going to share with you the galaxy backdrop we will be creating for the Star Wars themed wedding.

    We are getting married at Black Creek Pioneer Village, in the outdoor grand pavilion. It's just beautiful there. The head table will have it's back to the stage - and because the stage won't be in use, we decided to make it a wonderful Galaxy backdrop!

    This way, in all the photos, instead of an empty blackness there will be a gorgeous twinkling galaxy behind us.

    First, we will be plugging in a few star light machines. I own one already, and am borrowing a second one from a friend. But you can get them online, and in stores like Canadian Tire around Halloween and Christmas. Having these hidden, one on stage left, and one on stage right, will project moving constellations and stars throughout the space creating depth!

    Along the top of the arch of the stage, we will hang at scattered levels these homemade DIY 3D glitter stars! Read the full tutorial HERE. We wanted to avoid the 5 pointed star as we feel they are too Captain America for the Star Wars wedding, but if you wanted to do those instead they are easier to create.
    Between the moving star lights, and the front hanging glitter stars it's going to be so beautiful! Best part.. it doesn't cost too much and makes a huge statement!

    Go be glittery. And send us your photos if you make these and use them, Dr.Who perhaps? Or incorporate them into a cosplay as a staff finishing piece!

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