Cakes Cove offers classic cake designs as well as the curious genre cakes for a geek free option.

If you are here looking for a tamer genre cake to appease family, there are lots of ways to make everyone happy from the traditional in-laws, to the geeky bride/groom by hiding a favourite genre symbol in the more traditional cake designs. Place a custom order inquiry for more information.

All cakes and sculptures are individually designed for your special event. Prices are determined by size, and the complexity of the design. These more complex designs start at $200, and can go up to, well, that depends on your budget, as I could design something simple and elegant or a spectacularly sculpted creation, with amazing detail, painted in edible 24k gold, that hangs from the ceiling. (Both being very different price points.) Always keep in mind your cake is a centerpiece, something people will remember. No one ever takes photos of the fancy table cloths, but they will flock to your cake.