• Add A Photo

  • For $8 add a photo of your choice* to your Signature Cake. A great simple way to customize any cake!

    *Most photos will be cropped to fit into a circle for best design. Please provide high res images for best quality results.

    E-mail image to info@cakescove.com when ordering.

    Want a specific character/theme etc but don't have an image in mind? We have several! Just let us know who/what you are looking for and we will try to help.

    Option not available for our XL cake, available for all other cake sizes.

    Please note we are using food colouring and not computer ink, colours may differ slightly. Most colours are not effected, though large sections that are black do not come out true black but a dark navy blue in some cases. (Smaller sections of black like lettering, details etc come out quite dark/black)

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